Simple Tactics to Get High PR Backlinks

High PR backlinks has become quite the cottage industry with the high demand for them. There is no end in sight for the demand of this kind of backlinking. If you want to make money, then learn how to find high PR backlinks, or even any backlinks, and find a way to get in front of people who want them. Plus, you can easily find backlinking services who will be happy to take care of you. Doing this is not hard, and finding the links is not hard either, and we will talk about that right now.It’s typical for people who use article marketing as a way to get links to their site to go about this in the wrong way. The usual practice is to publish relevant and targeted articles to Goarticles, Ezinearticles and other top directories. Rather than first publishing their articles on their own sites first, they start with the directories. Rather than getting backlinks to an article on their own site, they get links for the directory where the article is published. While this can be good for ranking an article, it won’t help to get links to your own site, which should be your long term objective. One way to find relevant and quality sites quickly is to add various applications to Firefox that let you do this. You can look up relevant sites by using your main keywords and searching. What you’re really looking for are high PR sites where do follow backlinks can be gotten. There are blogs where you can leave comments that are dofollow. It’s also a good idea to look for authority sites in your niche and ask the owner if you could buy an inline link from them. Not many marketers think of doing this. A few savvy marketers, however, manage to rank their sites well by using this method alone.Even sites with a nofollow link policy can be beneficial if they’re widely used, such as Facebook and other social networks. It’s typical for sites to allow dofollow links when they start out, but soon everyone is trying to benefit from this, Google catches on, and the site changes its policy to nofollow. Some people erroneously believe that nofollow links are worthless. They are not as powerful as dofollow, to be sure. They are still considered backlinks, and, more importantly, they are good for making an impression on Google. If all of your links are dofollow, and come from high PR sites, Google can figure out that you’re pursuing an aggressive linking strategy. There’s nothing wrong with backlinks that are no follow from high PR sites, so get them when you can. You really do need to do more research and learn more about finding good high PR backlinks. It is not so much finding the sources of these links, but rather all the particulars about how you go about getting them that is so important. Be sure you get smart before you begin buying backlink packages or outsourcing.

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